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Come on Apple, get with the program!

rolling-stone-stephen-colbert-the-daily-show-38768_344_344The Colbert Report is brilliant show, but why do Apple/iTunes censore it!? They don’t censor their movies .. they don’t censor any other of their TV Shows.

B#tch and moan about it – tell Apple using their Request a TV Show page.

Can you explain the logic please – Apple? anyone?


(Miniseries, HBO)

Based on the book by Evan Wright, this is a seven part series covering the invasion of Iraq (#2) during the first 40 days from the perspective of the Marines of the First Recon Battalion.  The popular media would have had us believe that the invasion was a ‘walkover’.  This series however, if to believed, presents a harsh environment, confronting and, at times, humorous take on the invasion.  The story focuses on the brutality, camaraderie and bureaucracy of an ill-prepared army.

The screenplay is strongly centred around five main characters – all of whom have their own take on their purpose there (to do their job, to report, to serve, to avoid jail, etc).

I found the last episode a tad meandering, reminiscent of a Tolkien ‘goodbye’ – but that failed to diminish, what was overall, an exhausting but worthwhile journey.

Produced by HBO and written by the two of the team that brought us probably the best show on TV, “The Wire”, Ed Burns and David Simon, this is another feather in HBO’s cap. See IMDB details here.

Four and half star

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