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MobileMe wont detect Firefox 3 Properly if you use the Firefox Add-on, Ubiquity

Whilst starting Me.com in FF, Apple advise:

We recommend the following browsers.
To make use of rich web applications in MobileMe, we recommend one of the following supported browsers:
Update your browser now to access your email, calendar, contacts, and more at me.com

Questions? Go to MobileMe Support
. Hrrrmmm!  unsupported browser!

Update #1: it looks like the Ubiquity add-on (/plugin/extension) is the cause (also here).  I think this is an issue for Apple to address – not the makers of Ubiquity.  What do you think?

Update #2: I’ve submitted a technical support case for this issue to the MobileMe Support – to which they’ve advised that they’ve “provided the details of [my] report to the MobileMe Specialist team“.  I will post their response as soon as it is received.

Update #3: There was a report by Mister Mac on the MacRumors Forum about modifying About:Config settings.  He reported that an uninstall of Ubiquity was required,  however, simply resetting the value for the general.useragent.extra.ubiquity string was possible without uinstalling.  As it happens, the solution did not fix the issue – so I suspect the fix Mister Mac dicovered was not [directly] related to this setting. On the other hand, the “general.useragent.extra.ubiquity” value seemed to restore itself on browser reboot, so perhaps the fix is simply uninstalling Ubiquity.  A “fix” I say?  … was my mouth out! – that doesn’t solve the issue of getting MobileMe and Ubiquity to play nice in FF sandbox (it simply ejects one to make the other happy). Next!….



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