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Wilting 😦

It seems that the executives, eager to tone down the zaniness of the show to appeal to a broader [more stupid] audience, have had their way with the vigour that blessed Season 1.

The music is subdued, more conventional and much less original than that featured in the first season. The narration, once brilliantly delivered by the narrator (Jim Dale) and the pace setting highlight of every episode, has eased to a metronomic pace, as if the Mr Dale is making some kind of protest about the executives’ corruption of the original magic.

Timing, in a word, is what’s gone wrong with Season 2.  In slowing down the narration, the story and the complexity of script, that crazy high paced menagerie for which we quickly acquired a taste has wilted.  The whole thing has lost that “storybook come to life” feel.

Thought it’s only been two episodes, Pushing Daises seems to have lost it’s shine – who knows, perhaps I just need to get used to a new Pace 🙂  Perhaps, the rythm and delight that graced season 1 is yet to return – fingers crossed.


Update 1: With 12 episodes out of the way (probably all for Season 2), I have to ask myself if the show actually got any better, or the Producers’  Prozac Push finally came into effect.

Update 2:  Time of Death: November 2008Pushing Daisies is now truly living up to its title ~ tantamount to a crime in a TV world where countless other mind-numbing shows can run 6 or 7 seasons uninterrupted.


Apple iTunes releases only censored version of The Daily Show

jon-stewartThough no other movies or TV shows on iTunes are censored, for some reason, The Daily Show is censored on iTunes  – that is, the only version of the show you can buy is the one with expletives ‘beeped out’ … talk about  a clusterf#ck!

Feel the same way? – Tell Apple via there Request a TV Show page.

Apple, please explain!  Insight anyone?

Come on Apple, get with the program!

rolling-stone-stephen-colbert-the-daily-show-38768_344_344The Colbert Report is brilliant show, but why do Apple/iTunes censore it!? They don’t censor their movies .. they don’t censor any other of their TV Shows.

B#tch and moan about it – tell Apple using their Request a TV Show page.

Can you explain the logic please – Apple? anyone?

Based on Paul Haggis’ movie of the same name, this show stars Dennis Hopping leading a troop of fresh faces.  This show had big shoes to fill, with Haggis’ original movie scoring an academy award long after I was impressed by it as a surprise DVD rental (who knew it would reach DVD before a punt at the Oscar).

Do yourself a favour and don’t attempt to compare it with the movie – it really only shares a loose relationship in the form location, complexity of the the characters and the style of plot.  If not for the identical “Crash” logo, it might as well be titled something else.  Still, where it is similar is the script and screenplay, often ducking and weaving ensuring that you work til the very end of each episode.

There’s some talk that Haggis pulled out as Producer after the first two episodes.  Having seen only the first two episodes, I can only hope his influence persists for the whole season.

Links: The Seattle Times review | IMDB | EW | Starz

Update: Episodes 4-9 seem to wane somewhat, perhaps related to the firey relationship with Inez taking a desperate turn.  However Epsidoes 10-12 are back ‘on song’ though curiously they seem to have dropped the blur-o-vision that was so heavily employed in the first few epsidoes – as much as I disliked its overuse, I kinda miss it 🙂  (ironically, it added a texture to it).


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