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Can you imagine? … Letterbox bars on the side!

“Ridiculously wide” is right.  It doesn’t even seem right 2.40:1 – wow.  Whilst Philips continue to make very poorly constructed products (IMHO), they certainly haven’t stopped innovating – my hats off too them.


Philips Ultra-Widescreen 21:9 Cinema LCD Moves the Letterbox Bars To the Side – Gizmodo Australia.


steve_jobsIn the article “Steve Jobs taking leave from Apple due to complex health issues” at AppleInsider.com, Steve writes “I’ve have asked Tim Cook to be responsible for Apple’s day to day operations

What are they running over there, a 7-Eleven or something?!  This is the single biggest problem with Apple  – too much reliance on a front man, translating to consumer and Wall Street confidence volatility.

Apple’s ideas need to be seen come from a team of brilliant engineers and creatives (which I am sure is the case) – however, Wall Street will see this as the ‘ideas guy goes loco’ for six months (so no products until then).

Here’s an idea

The best thing Apple can do now, is come out with some killer products in Steve’s absence.

The odds of being the victim of a shark attack are said to be very low (worldwide: 75 shark attacks per year) and only 2% of them are fatal.  So, what’s with the daily reports of attacks (and deaths!) at Australian beaches this year?

Lies, damn lies and …

Statistics suggest (1|2) you have a:

1 in 8,000,000  chance of being the victim of  a shark attack
1 in 7,000,000  chance of dying from an adverse reaction to antibiotics
1 in 5,900,000  chance of dying from a wasp, bee or hornet sting.
1 in 4,300,000  chance of dying from a lightening strike
1 in     500,000  chance of being killed by an agricultural machine
1 in     400,000  chance of being killed by a falling object
1 in     200,000  chance of dying from a fall down the stairs
1 in          6,000   chance of being killed in a motor vehicle accident

And, an obscure fact (albeit expressed differently and impossible to translate to ‘1 in’ form) heard on a brilliant UK TV Channel 4 series “Black Box” (think Air Crash Investigation, but so full of content that it doesn’t need all the padding!) comes this incredible fact about the safety of air travel [from memory]:

If you flew on a  commercial airline every day of your life, you’d be 800 years old by the time had an accident, and even then, chances are, you’d survive it.

Still, you ‘d be forgiven for thinking otherwise given the recent spate of stories regarding shark attacks around the Australian coastline this summer.  It feels like one-a-day at the moment – Hammerheads, Great Whites (aka White Pointers) and Bull Sharks have shared the headlines.

Disproportionate Coverage

How Hannah, 13, fought off a shark

Lifeguard’s close encounter with shark

Now bull sharks give tourists a fright

Swimmers flee as sharks come for an afternoon of fishing

Okay, so it’s going to be a “solid build” – good – we wouldn’t want a wobbly build!  However, what we’re all wanting to hear from Microsoft is confirmation that there will only be ONE product:

One Edition, not Six

Microsoft – please – not this again.  Just one edition “Windows 7” – simple, clean.  If you want to sell licensing to add-on modules, fine, but make sure that the core product covers 90% of your customers’ needs right out of the box. The add-ons should be true specialist tools – Media Centre, Tablet Computing, Developer Tools, etc.  The entire Windows 7 ‘extended’ environment should require a max of five add-ons, at say $19 per module, with most specialist customers likely only to need a maximum of two add-ons to complete their required configuration.

Forget this insulting and arbitrary delineation between “Home” and “Business” – the toolset is common enough that the OS should be the same for all customers.  Customisation tools (desktop, fonts, colours, etc) provides ample means necessary to personalise your home workspace from office workspace.

By offering one substantial product, and thereby demostrating a modicum of respect for your customers, you will be rewarded with loyalty .. or better (think Steventologists / Fanboys).

[Rant ends here]

Windows 7 beta

Get your geek on – install the Windows 7 Beta – but, peeps(!), it’s a beta and it’s made by Microsoft, so dual boot the b*tch :-/

Update: ArsTechnica have a great article “What killed Vista will make Windows 7 fly

A great idea, it even works well – but will it take off

“They transform physical media (print advertising, billboards, product packages, information signs, in-store merchandising, or even video images) — into live links for accessing information and entertainment online.” (Full Story: CNET)

Here’s something I prepared earlier:

Try these examples on your iPhone or smartphone.  I was amazed just how tolerant the application was to size (small) and focus.





Check: This tag should take you to “Australian Art Online

Thank you to Adam for passing on the article.

Trend Micro’s PC-cillin Says it’s So

trendgooglespywareAccording to Trend Micro’s PC-Cillin, every website that hosts Google ads from their Double Click network is hosting spyware.

Should I just uninstall all my browsers now? 😮

This site (NYTimes) for example invokes the “Dangerous” warning.

Say it aint so.

Update: Trend Micro advise this action (I’ll go with the flow):

Boot computer in Safe Mode with Networking.

[STEP 1] Run Disk Cleanup
[STEP 2] Run a scan in HijackThis.
[STEP 3] Reboot computer in normal mode and turn off the system restore.

Observe if the same issue will occur.

I’ll let you know.

Update 2: The above was run (an expanded Step 2 is shown below), but the problem still exists.  I’ve bounced it back to Trend Micro.

Run a scan in HijackThis. Check the following items below if they are still present and then hit the Fix button below the HIJACKTHIS window:
O2 – BHO: AskBar BHO – {201f27d4-3704-41d6-89c1-aa35e39143ed} – C:\Program Files\AskBarDis\bar\bin\askBar.dll
O3 – Toolbar: Ask Toolbar – {3041d03e-fd4b-44e0-b742-2d9b88305f98} – C:\Program Files\AskBarDis\bar\bin\askBar.dll
O23 – Service: ASKService – Unknown owner – C:\Program Files\AskBarDis\bar\bin\AskService.exe

Resolved: “Tristan E. Smythe Jr” [I love the stages names they use at Trend :-)] gave me a free uprade to Trend Micro Internet Security 2009 – problem solved!  Obviously you’ll need to log a support case with Trend to ensure your serial number is elligible for the upgrade.

Never under the influence of white spirits

(.. shall I rent a movie again)


Source: IMDB.com

With a score of 5.3/10 from IMDB and an inclination towards action and sci-fi, I thought this might fill my needs.  Oh, how wrong I was.

Vin Diesel never has never had a great screen presence, especially when he’s the star … and so, that reputation is further cemented by this role.  From Russia to New York by limo, train, submarine, skidoo and plane, this journey incorporates every possible inconceivability you can imagine – ridiculous stunts, implausible love scenes, inaudible dialogue, unsurvivable blasts (and wounds), immaculate conception, whiny anti-heroes and we-can-rebuild-him style resurrections.

Possibly the only reason worth enduring this poorly timed, attrociously acted and carelessly directed mess is Thierry Arbogast‘s cinematography (Fifth Element and The Professional/Leon) – though please don’t take that as a recomendation.  In fact, I am sure that the pitch for this movie to the studios relied heavily on Vin and Thierry’s inclusion – dizzy with stars on their eyes, and comfortable with the addition of some “really cool effects”, a budgeting decision to scrimp on the  screenplay cut the whole thing off at the knees (spoiler alert!).

Possibly the most disappointing utilisation of a part was that by Michelle Yeoh (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) – in any fight scene with Michelle, she was wearing a heavy black duffle, making it very hard to discern any of the martial arts style movements.  To make matters worse, added to every fight scene was a unhealthy dose of wobble cam – though my suspicion is that these frenetics were necessary to cover up poor fight choreography and that Michelle was simply ‘caught in the crossfire’.

Small parts by Gérard Depardieu and Charlotte Rampling add very little to the experience – certainly nothing like the $$ they would have paid to enhance the cred of the film.

Avoid Babylon A.D. … 2 hours of your life is worth so much more than a movie in which Vin’s closing line is:

“Save the planet, one child at a time – aint that a bitch


End note: Rotten Tomatoes would have made a better barometer in this case (how ever did it score 5.3 on IMDB!?)


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