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During Movember (the month formerly known as November) my bro growing a Mo. That’s right my bro is bringing the Mo back because I’m passionate about tackling men’s health issues and being proactive in the fight against men’s depression and prostate cancer.  Donate here »

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I did!

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… and others are too (If Alex can do it, so can you!)


Your inbox is not a to-do list

Merlin Mann is a golden god! … at least in terms of what he’s done by helping thousands of people tame their inbox. In his one hour podcast/video (a lecture given to  Google employees in 2007) he makes many salient points about the use [misuse] of email as a ‘to do’ list.  For me, the main takeaways were:

  • Process your inbox (to zero) each day – aim to have zero emails each day (10 mins habit)
  • Action each email – Delete (or Archive), Delegate [Diarise], Respond, Defer,  Do
  • Devolve complicated folder taxonomies (when do you really use them)
  • Systems are anal but useful – so make it simple
  • Time and attention are finite – why tax it more than necessary?
  • Filters can be useful, but again, keep them simple

Links: 43 Folder Inbox Zero Project | The Video

Whilst this might have been a bit more imaginative, it’s still worthy of a giggle


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Having trouble printing web pages? File this under ‘handy’


(aka: The observable universe from top to bottom)


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Made Easier

Do you loathe the “Eject Disk” routine in Windows? Me too!   This might help.


Update: Forget the software! -just left mouse click over the eject disk icon and choose the drive you wish to eject.

And all of them for sale!

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  • mattvolke: Cool blog! Check it out my movie blog at themoviebros.wordpress.com/
  • justinmoss: Hi Dave, thank you. Yes, you can have it synced with multiple computers (I used to do this though I no longer have a need for this). From my experie
  • Dave Watkins: Excellent information. Thanks for sharing. Is you iPhone synced with multiple computers? dave