Justin Moss

Shark Attacks in Australia, Summer 2009

Posted on: January 13, 2009

The odds of being the victim of a shark attack are said to be very low (worldwide: 75 shark attacks per year) and only 2% of them are fatal.  So, what’s with the daily reports of attacks (and deaths!) at Australian beaches this year?

Lies, damn lies and …

Statistics suggest (1|2) you have a:

1 in 8,000,000  chance of being the victim of  a shark attack
1 in 7,000,000  chance of dying from an adverse reaction to antibiotics
1 in 5,900,000  chance of dying from a wasp, bee or hornet sting.
1 in 4,300,000  chance of dying from a lightening strike
1 in     500,000  chance of being killed by an agricultural machine
1 in     400,000  chance of being killed by a falling object
1 in     200,000  chance of dying from a fall down the stairs
1 in          6,000   chance of being killed in a motor vehicle accident

And, an obscure fact (albeit expressed differently and impossible to translate to ‘1 in’ form) heard on a brilliant UK TV Channel 4 series “Black Box” (think Air Crash Investigation, but so full of content that it doesn’t need all the padding!) comes this incredible fact about the safety of air travel [from memory]:

If you flew on a  commercial airline every day of your life, you’d be 800 years old by the time had an accident, and even then, chances are, you’d survive it.

Still, you ‘d be forgiven for thinking otherwise given the recent spate of stories regarding shark attacks around the Australian coastline this summer.  It feels like one-a-day at the moment – Hammerheads, Great Whites (aka White Pointers) and Bull Sharks have shared the headlines.

Disproportionate Coverage

How Hannah, 13, fought off a shark

Lifeguard’s close encounter with shark

Now bull sharks give tourists a fright

Swimmers flee as sharks come for an afternoon of fishing


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