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16GB model with 1GB data

It’s a minefield of mismatched plans, locked phone and gotchas when it comes to purchasing a 16GB iPhone.  The following is a summary of the major offerings 0.5-1Gb data allowances, assembled with a the help of a couple of friends.  Value is best assessed on the basis of a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over a 24 month period, however, you might choose a longer period, or a different criteria (like coverage).


It seems that thet Virgin Mobile plan is the best choice, even considering it’s reduced coverage and higher call rate.  The Three plan is a close second, but a hassle to go through the outright purchase.

I hope this saves you the hours of time it took me to dig out the information.

Warning about Latency

The key difference between the 3G networks is latency (the delay or ‘turnaround’ between server request and response).  APCMag ran a series of tests which showed that Telstra and Three are far superior in this area, and also in download speed. Here’s a comparison of the data, as well as useful commentary on the results.


Latency is certainly the difference between a positive and negative web browsing experience on a desktop, so I’d suggest it will similarly be a make or break experience with an iPhone.

Information about Three

Three looks like becoming a worthwhile network sometime after June 2009.  From a call with a sales person at Three, I found out this information:

  • They only have a metro only 3G licence (whereas rest have Nationwide)
  • They may have roaming agreement for 3G with Telstra by June 2009 (which would make it an awesome choice BUT ..)
  • There’s no guarantee that roaming will be at Three [bargain] rates

In short, Three is good value now, because it’s limited (now).  It may be that in 12 months, if they [seamlessly] hook up with Telstra’s far superior NextG network, that Three will ratchet up their prices to a) compensate for their rent to Telstra, or b) consider that the higher value service is suddenly able to be billed at an elevated rate.

Three is, IMHO, one to watch, but presently not a contender.


“Best value Australian iPhone plans revealed!” – Article: APCMag

“Best Value Mobile Phone Plans” – Calculation Tool: SMH

“APC 3G Broadband Survey” (discussion about latency) – Whirlpool Forums | APCMag


Here’s the skinny.  If you want …

.. broadest coverage, choose VirginMobile, $1776
.. improved latency (but poor non-metro),  choose Three, $1805
.. the flexibility to exit at 12 months (and a cap < $350/mth), choose Optus, $1200 (for 12 months)

By the way – all of these numbers compare favourably to my current plan (without an iPhone) for which I am currently committed to the tune of $1896 (and that doesn’t even include phone costs!).

Update: February 2009

VirginMobile has excellent billing features, however they do not include 1800 numbers in the cap (why, I’ve no idea!).  The Optus network is terrible – even in metro areas, one regular gets the “No Service” status and “Service Disconnected” error from the iPhone.

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Your inbox is not a to-do list

Merlin Mann is a golden god! … at least in terms of what he’s done by helping thousands of people tame their inbox. In his one hour podcast/video (a lecture given to  Google employees in 2007) he makes many salient points about the use [misuse] of email as a ‘to do’ list.  For me, the main takeaways were:

  • Process your inbox (to zero) each day – aim to have zero emails each day (10 mins habit)
  • Action each email – Delete (or Archive), Delegate [Diarise], Respond, Defer,  Do
  • Devolve complicated folder taxonomies (when do you really use them)
  • Systems are anal but useful – so make it simple
  • Time and attention are finite – why tax it more than necessary?
  • Filters can be useful, but again, keep them simple

Links: 43 Folder Inbox Zero Project | The Video


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