Justin Moss

Surface Computing

Posted on: April 14, 2008

I know I know, we’ve all seen “surface computing” .. and no, I’m not a microsoft fan boy .. but hey! I just can’t get enough of this – how much fun would this be!



1 Response to "Surface Computing"

I saw a talk last week on tabletop interfaces and one thing that struck me is that this really seems to be the future of interface design. The last few decades have been focused on the medium-sized displays that we typically use and not much has changed, but now that displays are much larger and the technology much more affordable, people are looking more into the large tabletop-style displays. Since regular interaction (mouse, keyboard) doesn't scale very well for large displays, it's cool to see the solutions people are coming out with (touch, Wii remotes).

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  • justinmoss: Hi Dave, thank you. Yes, you can have it synced with multiple computers (I used to do this though I no longer have a need for this). From my experie
  • Dave Watkins: Excellent information. Thanks for sharing. Is you iPhone synced with multiple computers? dave
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